The Future of Australian Gardens:
Synthetic Lawn thats Work for you !

In our busy lives with work, family and all our other commitments you should have your weekends to enjoy and relax. Not have to fight weeds and be spend this time mowing, trying to get a great looking lawn, which with water restrictions is becoming increasingly more difficult.

  • • Forget the lawn mower, whipper snipper, raking up, going to the tip with cuttings
  • • No more weeds, prickles or brown patchy lawn
  • • Perfect lawn year round great for Kids and pets
  • • You can do your bit for water conservation now
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    In a hot climate such as ours maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is not only time consuming but expensive and a drain on our precious water resource. We provide our customers with the highest quality synthetic lawns and efficient service, to reduce water consumption and making gardens, park and communities more water wise. Grassworks assists Perth and West Australians cope with the rapidly changing climate by providing a range of next generation, synthetic lawns that will save you water, time and money.

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    synthetic lawn - great for kids and pets
    synthetic Lawn - great for Kids and Pets

    100% Quality

    Our synthetic Lawns are perfect for all areas, they are extremely hard wearing and have been UV tested and treated to meet our harsh Australian climate. All our products are guaranteed for a minimum of eight years and are FIFA approved meeting international standards.


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    100% Warrenty

    Our fantastic selection of premium quality lawns will give you a lawn that looks and feels great year round with no work on your part, giving you the free time you deserve. Call us for a free quote today. Set yourself free with an instant low maintenance great looking lawn you will love.

    100% Leisure Time

    A combination of quality products and professional installation will provide you with a lawn that will look great all year round without any of the downsides of looking after lawn: watering, mowing... maintenance and of course your Leisure time. Life is short - live now!


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    artifical Lawn - soft & luscious

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