Do it yourself guide

If you would like to purchase our own synthetic grass and install it yourself, there are a few important tips to follow in the process outlined below. In addition, if you have any queries along the way, feel free to contact us for advice.


  1. Synthetic Grass Perth
    Remove all existing lawn and all roots as best as possible.
  2. Landscape supplier Perth
    Level area, wet and compact it.
    Cover area with weed killer to stop any grass regrowth.
  3. Gardening Perth
    Cover area with crusher dust at least 40 to 60mm
  4. Level wet and compact again, check area and fill any uneven areas.
  5. Waterwise Perth
    Lay your lawn, ensure all strands are running in same direction before joining.
  6. Peg lawn in position, lay joint tape between lawn sections folded back. Apply glue to tape and lay 1 side down at a time ensuring strands do not get glue on them.
  7. Now flush peg joint down about 10cm to 15cm apart.
  8. Grasswork
    Cut in any edges, cover total lawn with dry white sand to hold it down, brush sand in and you are done no more work.

D.I.Y.-Timelaps Movie

Grasswork shows you a 30 sec movie of how to do.


In a hot climate such as ours maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is not only time consuming but expensive and a drain on our precious water resource. We provide our customers with the highest quality synthetic lawns and efficient service, to reduce water consumption and making gardens, park and communities more water wise. Grassworks assists Perth and West Australians cope with the rapidly changing climate by providing a range of next generation, synthetic lawns that will save you water, time and money.

100% Warranty

Our synthetic lawns are Guaranteed for a minimum of eight years, extremely hard wearing and have been UV tested and treated to meet our harsh australian climate. Our products are FIFA approved and meet international standards.


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